Author and certified weight consultant, Linda Yo gained 25
pounds shortly after her arrival in the United States. She fought
to lose weight by trying almost every method in the market and
eventually found her solution when she returned to Asian eating

Amazed by her results, Linda did a research about the benefit of
Asian eating habits, and interviewed more than 500 people from
different countries and backgrounds about their diets. Her
research led her to the common sense principles that explain
why Asians can eat a large amount of food and stay slim naturally.

CREDENTIALS:  Linda Yo is a certified weight management
consultant with a global perspective. Her revolutionary teaching
is based on the diet of the people of Japan, Singapore, Taiwan
and China. She teaches at the Learning Annex, TOPS (Take Off
Pounds Sensibly, an international non-profit organization) and
various organizations. She is the author of ASIAN SLIM SECRETS

Media: TV/Radio/Print

Linda will reveal on-air the secrets she has shared with
celebrities and medical professionals:

•        How Not To Gain Weight During the Holidays

•        Which Foods Make You Full, with the Fewest Calories

•        Why Eating Salad WON’T Make You Slim

•        How to Enjoy Meat and Still Avoid the Fat

•        How to Turn Back the Clock and Increase Your Metabolism.

"Not only did we receive a high amount of callers, we had people
calling my office after the show and also emailing us saying how
much they enjoyed the beneficial info."
Logic Media Productions

"Linda Yo is a wonderful guest, offering an unusual and
interesting perspective on eating and Asian traditions."
         Dr Jonny Bowden, radio show host, fitness guru

"An interview that’s simply hard to beat! A radio host’s dream!"
Erskine, Genesis Communications Network

"If you’re ready to become slim, trim, energized and healthier, use
the ancient wisdom of Asia!"
Mark Victor Hansen, co-author
         Chicken Soup for the Soul series

AVAILABILITY:  Nationwide by arrangement and via telephone,
available as a last-minute guest.
Sample Interview Questions
For LINDA YO (ph: 619-583-3163)
Certified Weight Consultant and Author of
ASIAN SLIM SECRETS: Enjoy Food, Stay Slim Naturally!

1.    Linda, tell us… about your background and why you wrote the book.
 (Answer takes 1 minute)
2.    Are Asian people more active than Americans? Do they walk a lot?
(30 seconds)
3.    Why are Asians slim? Tell us the secrets.
(30 seconds)
4.    Why do you think that rice is a healthy staple food?
(1 minute)
5.    What is resistant starch?
(1 minute)
6.    Other than rice, what kinds of foods contain resistant starch?
(30 seconds)
7.    What is the difference between good carb and bad carb?
8.    Can you explain about the Glycemic Index (GI) and why you don’t
think watching the GI can help people to slim down?
(1-2 minutes)
9.    In your book, you said noodles or pasta is also a healthy food choice.
Is that true? (15 seconds)
10.  Some people think steamed rice taste bland. Do you have any
suggestion to make them tastier? (30 seconds)
11.  You write about appetizers that soothe our hunger. What do Asians
eat for appetizer? (1-2 minutes)
12.  How do you prepare Asians meat dish? Do you eat meat every day?
(1-2 minutes)
13.  Any tips on how to choose lean meat?
(30 seconds)
14.  What kind of meat cuts we should avoid?
(30 seconds)
15.  What is calorie density?
(1-2 minutes)
16.  Do Asians eat a lot of fish? Is it safe to eat fish?
(1-2 minutes)
17.  Why do you say Asian vegetable dishes are better than salad?
(1 minute)
18.  Do you have fast food in Asia?
(30 seconds)
19.  What kind of snacks people eat there?
(30 seconds)
20.  How about drinks? Do Asians drink tea all the time?
(1-2 minutes)
21.  In your book, you have a chapter about “Turn Back the Clock and
 Increase Your Metabolism.” How can we increase our metabolism?
 (1 minute)