Weight consultant, Linda Yo was born and grew up in Asia. When
she came to the U.S. to study, she quickly gained 25 pounds within a
few months of her arrival. She fought to lose the weight for two years
before she rediscovered the natural way to enjoy food and stay slim.

She began to share this natural method to those around her who
needed to lose weight. She was encouraged by the fact that those
who followed her advice were able to lose weight and those who
followed some other method had a very low success rate.
Fascinated, she did more research on foods and eating habits of the
people in several countries and started to devote her professional life
to helping people lose weight permanently.

Linda is a certified weight management consultant with a global
perspective. Her revolutionary teaching is based on the diet of the
people in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

She speaks at the Learning Annex, TOPS (Take Off Pounds
Sensibly, an international non-profit weight loss organization),
weight loss seminars and tele-seminars and enjoys her students
success stories from all over the world.
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